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Designed to Keep Your Data Safe

  • FIPS Certified SSDs available
  • TCG-OPAL compliant SSD design
  • Built-in AES-256 encryption
  • Comprehensive security management utility
  • Integrated McAfee and Acronis
  • SQFlash
    Leading Industrial SSD
  • High Performance, Excellent Reliability, Comprehensive Security

    We used our decades of embedded market experience to developed SQFlash, creating an excellent industrial storage solution with a full range of product support and value-added services. Advantech SQFlash SSDs are designed with industrial operation in mind, and provide highly reliable storage with excellent compatibility, performance, and security. All our products are built with a TCG-OPAL self-encryption disk functionality powered by AES-256 internal encryption, and Advantech’s unique Flash Lock function for disk protection.

    • SATA Interface

      SATA interface with multiple form factors including with 2.5", DOM, CFast, mSATA, Slim options.

    • PATA Interface

      Advantech SQFlash industrial storage modules support PATA/IDE interface SSDs with multiple form factors such as 2.5" SSD, DOM and CF with wide temperature support and optional PIO/UDMA transfer mode.

    • PCIe Interface

      Advantech SQFlash industrial storage modules support the latest NVMe PCIe interface SSDs such as M.2 and U.2 for industrial applications requiring high performance. Also Mini PCIe form factor is available for general embedded applications.

    • Onboard Solution

      SQFlash provide standard and wide temp. onboard storage products with legacy MLC and latest 3D TLC Flash for various application demand.

    • SD / USB Interface

      Advantech SQFlash industrial storage modules provide SD interface products such as SD, Micro SD. USB DOMs and eMMC products are also available with optional wide temperature support to fit industrial applications.

  • Key Features

    • Comprehensive Security
      • FIPS certified SQFlash SSD
      • TCG-OPAL compliant
      • Crypto Erase and Military Erase
      • McAfee & Acronis software integration
    • High Endurance
      • 10x more durable SSD with 3D sTLC solution (P/E cycle: 30k)
      • Industrial extended temperature support
      • DeviceOn/SQ Manager : software monitoring
    • Power Failure Protection
      • Comprehensive protection ensures data integrity
      • Built-in voltage stabilizer
      • Reliable startup power sequence
    • Thermal Solution on NVMe SSD
      • Industrial heatsink cools down up to 30 °C
      • Flexible thermal grease prevents physical damage
      • Smart thermal throttling against sudden performance drop
      • Remote health and temperature monitoring
    • Flexible Customization Service
      • 30-day time to market design-in service
      • Extended longevity: 3 ~ 5 years
      • Early access to the latest Flash technology
      • System integration with FPGA and firmware support
  • Warranty Policy

    • SQFlash provides 3 years limited warranty by default, with an optional extend warranty to 5 years by project requirement. The warranty will be void if either one of the following situations:

      • External causes, including accidents, abnormal electrical, mechanical or environmental conditions, misuse, neglect, alteration, repair, or improper installation.
      • When the SSD has exceeded 95% of its TBW (Total Bytes Written) threshold, as may be indicated by the Advantech SQFlash Utility – Life Monitoring.
      • When the Flash Program / Erase cycle exceeds its design limits.
      SLC 100,000 or 60,000 depends on product SKU.
      Ultra MLC30,000.
      3D TLC 3,000 or 1,500 depends on product SKU
      3D sTLC30,000
  • 1 2 3 4
    Contact us to customize your own secure storage and memory solution!
    • 1 Using copper pillars and screws to mount the module onto PCB
    • 2 Sidefill for connection robustness
    • 3 Anti-Sulfuration wide temperature
    • 4 Conformal coating