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The EKI-9502G: Auto-Activated Wireless Redundancy Solution for Nonstop Cabinet-to-Cabinet/Train-to-Ground Communication


Taipei, Taiwan, July, 22, 2019 - Advantech, a leading supplier of industrial communication equipment, is pleased to launch the latest industrial EN50155 train-to-ground router: the EKI-9502G for wireless railway data communication. Aimed at providing a nonstop railway network environment, the EKI-9502G supports Wi-Fi and cellular transmission interfaces, five wireless wide area network (WWAN) modules, and software functionalities like fail-over and a load balance mechanism to guarantee reliable data transmission service. With the EKI-9502G, users can enjoy stable network communication with Wi-Fi and 3G/LTE services and high transmission quality with balanced data loading.

Supports Both Wi-Fi and Cellular Wireless Connectivity 

The EKI-9502G railway router is designed for applications where Wi-Fi and cellular network connectivity are served intermittently. Underground train stations and routes in rural areas are good examples. With multiple wireless communication interfaces, the wireless connection can automatically switch interfaces according to communication stability and quality. Wi-Fi service is activated when the train is moving underground and cellular service is not reachable. Cellular service takes place when a Wi-Fi signal no longer exists.

Supports Dual SIM Card Slots 

Not only does the EKI-9502G feature multiple wireless connectivity interfaces, it also supports two SIM card slots for each cellular module—successfully building up a solid network service redundancy solution for reliable data communication. When a signal from carrier A is unstable or disconnected, the EKI-9520G can automatically switch to carrier B via its fail-over software functionality to ensure fluent data transmission. Cross-country trains will benefit substantially from these features.

Up to Five WWAN Modules 

Considering the increasing volume of wireless communication loading, the EKI-9502G supports up to five WWAN modules that allow for simultaneous multi-device transmission while balancing each module’s transmission loading. The combinations can flexibly be either 4 x cellular + 1 x Wi-Fi or 3 x cellular + 2 x Wi-Fi. This multi-WWAN connectivity design and its load balance software functionality enable real time data connection and delivery. It is best for cabins full of surveillance and broadcasting equipment, as well as passenger information systems.

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